Online Selling of Oriflame Products Not Allowed

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Oriflame have an special information “Online Selling of Oriflame Products Not Allowed” for all of you. You can’t sell Oriflame products online using other sites; like on:, More information is given in this article:

Oriflame has send the following mail today. Do read it carefully. It is IMPORTANT mail.

Dear Consultants,

This is in regard to the issue of sale of Oriflame products taking place on various E- Commerce websites and the action/steps taken by the Company to address the issue of such sales:

Company has sent several legal notices and follow up communications to respective e-commerce company(ies) by alleging infringement/unauthorised use of IPR; violations under the Information Technology Act, 2000; Oriflame products being sold in a manner that is against the Company’s business ethics etc. In a few cases Oriflame has been temporarily successful in making the e-commerce websites remove the listings of Oriflame Products for some duration.

Company, in cases where there is necessary information available, has also been sending notices to certain ‘re-sellers’ who are selling the Company’s products on e-commerce websites,  instructing them to remove the product listings from such e-commerce websites.

As part of the overall business documentation the CAF, Success Plan  and latest terms and conditions also contain specific disclaimers that products are not to be sold in retail outlet, web shop or auction platform.  Additional the Company has also put aclear disclaimer on itswebsite “The sale of Oriflame products through shops, retail outlets and online websites is completely unauthorised, against the business opportunity offered by Oriflame to its consultants and directly impacts the livelihood of the consultants. Oriflame does not stand behind the authenticity or quality of sales made from such unauthorised channels. (available at

Kindly be assured that Oriflame is taking all measures to provide awareness regarding the unauthorised sale through e-commerce websites/retail outlets by communications via e mails and at Catalogue launches and we further urged you to continuously educate your down-line or people in your network not to engage in any such activity which is in volition of terms including but not limited to sale at E Commerce website or Retail Outlets as it is directly impacting the livelihood of the our Consultants.

Oriflame would like to inform that in case any consultant found engaged in selling Oriflame products through e-commerce company or at retail outlets, the membership will be terminated with immediate effect and the respective consultant(s) will loose all  rights and privileges accompanied with the membership.

In view of the above, the consultants are again requested to abide by the terms of CAF and Success Plan and urged to ensure necessary compliance of the terms of these documents as well as all the related communication received from the Company and join hands in developing an ethical business environment and lead by example.

Best Regards,

Oriflame India Pvt. Ltd.

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Online Selling of Oriflame Products Not Allowed

4 thoughts on “Online Selling of Oriflame Products Not Allowed

  • September 26, 2017 at 11:55 am

    Can start oriflame business at my home itself..

  • September 5, 2017 at 12:45 pm

    We can sell oriflame product through instagram or whatsapp?

    • September 5, 2017 at 1:45 pm

      I think… yes you can.. But, accurate answer can be given by Customer Care only. Please call 01140409000 for correct information.


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