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I have a good news for everyone… Now you can BUY Oriflame products directly from Oriflame without Joining it. Read this article for more information…

To help you make your customers feel special Oriflame are now launching the “VIP Customer”

Who is a VIP Customer?
VIP CUSTOMER is Everyone, Who is passionate about Oriflame Products,  wants to enhance Beauty inside out & wants to purchase Oriflame Products directly from Oriflame for self consumption at their own convenience!

It is easy to become a VIP Customer
You only need  Name, Phone no and Address and register online and start to enjoy shopping with Oriflame.

A VIP customer can upgrade any time to become a Consultant by following the procedure given on the website and start availing the benefits that a Consultant enjoys.

Enjoy your Shopping with Oriflame and get following benefits:

Access to the Oriflame World of Beauty with Top Quality Swedish products which combine the best of nature, science & trends

  • Complete range of products ranging from Skin care, Make Up, Fragrance, Wellness, Body, Hair Care & Accessories to make you look good & feel great
  • Fast & convenient Online Shopping with various delivery options like Smart Box
  • Smart payment Options like e-Wallet &Net Banking
  • Immediate Discount of 20% on the Catalogue Price of products


Oriflame’s Online Catalogue

Peek inside Oriflame’s new online catalogue and enjoy the very latest in Oriflame beauty and wellness. Browse with the navigation arrows or drag the slider for a quick overview. Grab  you favourite products

Every product  ordered is assigned fixed Bonus Points. Oriflame adds the Bonus Points from your personal order and the total Bonus Points that you accumulate for a month determine the benefits you would receive on the purchase of products.

Participate in the attractive Welcome Program on purchase of products. On completion of 100 BP on the purchase of products in your first month in Oriflame you qualify for Welcome Program 1 Gift . On completion of 100 BP on the purchase of products in your second month you qualify for Welcome Program 2 Gift and on Completion of 100 Bonus Points in your third month you qualify for Welcome Program 3 Gift.

Click to know more Welcome Program.

Benefit from the Business Class and Super Business Class Offers on purchase of Oriflame products.

Purchase products worth 150 BP in a month and get two products at 40% discount from next month ‘s Catalogue .

Purchase products worth 200 BP in a month and get three products at 40% discount from next month’s Catalogue

Click to know more Business Class and Super Business Class Offers.

Watch out for the monthly  promotions and offers  on purchase of products.


Join Oriflame as an Oriflame Consultant & start an exciting journey towards a bright new future! OR Join as a VIP Customer and purchase our Top Quality Swedish Products at instant discount of 20%. For Consultant registration kindly upload self-attested (SIGNED) Address & ID proof (“Proofs”) from following: Adhaar Card/ Voters Identity Card/ Passport/ Driving License/ State Domicile Certificate.

For VIP Customer Registration, please fill in relevant details

Want to Join Oriflame under my guidance for FREE?

Click to Join Oriflame India.  Please visit the link and provide correct and complete details to Oriflame. You will get your Sponsor number by email. If you didn't get a call within 24 hours, call the number given to you as soon as possible. Your sponsor will guide you and help you to place your first order. Do not place your first order without contacting your sponsor. If you place your order incorrectly, you may face some issues which can't be resolved easily. You may be penalized.. You have to place your First order asap, your account will be terminated if you don't place your order within 60 days of joining If you are a Boy and want to Join Oriflame? Please visit this link and perform above steps.

From 21st March  a consultant can join Oriflame with eCAF and need not submit physical CAFs.

You have the option to upgrade to an Oriflame Consultant by following the Upgrade VIP to Consultant.

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