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What is Oriflame?

Oriflame is the Best Network Marketing Company. You can not get it’s product directly from any shop. You will get its products only from members. I am giving some important details about the most famous company Ofiflame. All information is collected from Oriflame’s Official website.


Oriflame is working in India since 1995. It manufactures high quality skin care, toiletries, fragrances and colour cosmetics. It offers the leading business opportunity for people who want to start making money from day one and work towards fulfilling their personal dreams and ambitions through its unique business concept – Make Money Today and Fulfill Your Dreams Tomorrow™.

Oriflame Core Values:

Togetherness, Spirit and Passion are the three fundamental values of Oriflame. Trusting these values we feel confident that we can succeed in a competitive business while at the same time help make the world a better place.

People who work together and share the same goals achieve greater results. They motivate each other and know that pulling together is more rewarding than going it alone.

People with a can-do spirit have a winning attitude and never give up. They are committed to do what it takes to succeed.

Passionate people have the power to change the world. They love what they do, they believe in it. They know deep down that they can make a difference.

What Oriflame Says: Your Dreams – Our Inspiration™

Oriflame’s  brand promise Your Dreams – Our Inspiration  is deeply rooted in the history and heritage of our company. Throughout our 45-year history, we have always been committed to inspiring and offering people an opportunity to achieve their dreams through our unique business concept. Your Dreams – Our Inspiration is a manifestation of our commitment to our customers and consultants; their dreams play a major part in inspiring new beauty products and programmes for developing your own business.

We believe in dreams.
A dream is individual and personal. Dreams and goals are beautiful and important. Oriflame is, and always has been about fulfilling dreams. This is what we do. Every day. For people all over the world. Are you a dreamer? Do you have goals? Welcome.

We believe in beauty.
Your beauty is as personal as your dreams. Through our unique beauty products created in Sweden we have given millions of people the opportunity to change their lives for the better. When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you are ready to reach for your dreams.

We believe in you.
Our work starts with your dreams. They are our inspiration. We encourage individuals to dream, to set their own goals. And we are a partner along the way. Our culture is based on respect for and belief in others. We listen to you. Together we create a global network of beauty and making dreams come true. Do you want to fulfil your dreams? We do.

Global Responsibility of Oriflame:

When formulating our products we strive to use natural ingredients that are in line with our strong environmental policies and are not harmful to the environment. We are one of the first companies to utilize plant extracts in skin care products and we have always tried to optimize the use of ingredients from renewable plant sources.

Scientific reports on safety and environmental issues are continuously monitored to ensure that action can be taken to replace any ingredients that may have a negative impact on consumer health and the environment.

In addition, Oriflame’s product packaging is recyclable and minimized to reduce waste. Oriflame has a strong ethical ethos which is evident through all facets of its operations. Oriflame products are formulated and manufactured in line with high industry standards and ethical guidelines.

We currently operate five cosmetic manufacturing plants – in Poland, Sweden, India, China and Russia. All Oriflame manufacturing facilities and sub-contractors comply with the relevant local and national laws and regulations. Such laws include those relating to labour standards, environmental manufacturing and health and safety practices.

Water conservation is a key priority in Oriflame’s environmental management plan. In line with our proactive approach towards responsible environmental management we apply design techniques at all of our manufacturing facilities, aimed at reducing water consumption and minimising pollution.

Oriflame takes a strong stance on important social and ethical issues such as child labour, ethnic beliefs and culture. We are also committed to helping children at risk and to providing education for young women through our Social Cause Programs.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Oriflame believes that any investments made in the education of a girl, translates directly and quickly into better health care, poverty reduction and better overall economic performance of the family. Girl Child education has a wide-ranging impact on many aspects of human survival and development. Thus, ‘Oriflame Girl Child’ project is an endeavour to spread the message that a community’s development is incomplete without the education of girls.

Under this project Oriflame has sponsored education of 1,000 girls from Deepalaya, the largest operational NGO in Delhi. A grant of approximate 4 crores was given to Deepalaya for the ‘Oriflame Girl Child’ project. The contribution has facilitated education of selected girls in the age bracket of 4 to 17 years. Through this project Oriflame aims to lead these girls towards the path of education and bring out their latent talents.

Hand in Hand

Entrepreneurial ship has always been a focus for Oriflame and that’s the reason in November 2006, a grant of 30 crores was given from af Jochnick Foundation to Hand in Hand – an NGO operational since 1988 in Tamil Nadu. The grant is used by Hand in Hand for running Self Help Groups (SHG) and Microfinance Projects in specific areas of general training for SHG members, women’s literacy programme and medium-sized enterprises. The goal is to empower poor rural women who are members of SHGs to ultimately become entrepreneurs and set-up enterprises in order to bring in more income to the families.

The focus of Hand in Hand’s Self Help Groups and Microfinance Projects are to alleviate rural poverty and empower women. This is done by forming women into Self Help Groups, training them in capacity building and skills development and helping them to build sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their families. Most of them are first of all taught basic reading, writing and arithmetic through a 100-day literacy course.

One such Self Help Group is running a crisp bakery and have had great success (adjudged the “Best Micro-Enterprise” managed by SHG women in India and given the Presidents Award). The Paper Cup unit, Citizen’s Centre, Aina Tailoring Unit, Adult Literacy Training, a Broiler Farm are some of the many other projects initiated by Hand In Hand.

Oriflame India continuously supports Hand in Hand with, for example, hosting fund raising events in our Support Office facilities in New Delhi.

Oriflame delivers products at your doorsteps.I provide trainings for your business development & development of your personality.

Oriflame Services

Oriflame provide following list of services :

  • Product Delivery

    You can become oriflame consultant & get products at your door steps. You need not worry to go and buy the products. You can order it online also do payment on line. Doesn’t matter if you stay in interior town of India.

    We have service centre in 13 cities in India.

  • Training

    Train people to know more about products and business online also.We make people smart enough to conduct big seminars also. Oriflame Academy gives you trainings and make you an independent business person.

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